Convaise Studio

The no-code platform for organizations to make their customer/citizen interactions via digital assistants intuitive, effective and efficient.

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Convaise Studio and Convaise Assistant

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Digital Assistants

Digital assistants are AI-based systems that can intuitively support companies and administrations in a wide variety of situations via chat and voice. Assistants can advise users, provide information, replace forms and guide them through processes.

User-friendly communication via chat is widespread and accessible to all.
Assistants advise and accompany users, while you can also answer questions and clarify ambiguities.
Standardise communication processes, collected data, and user experiences through a unified interface.
Cost effective
Automation can free employees from redundant tasks.

From complex to intuitive in just a few clicks

Simply use existing data, forms and web pages as a basis, customize them in Convaise Studio in just a few clicks and have an assistant created automatically.

Convaise Prozess. Von Dokumenten zum No-Code Designer zum digitalen Assistenten.

Data basis

Simply use existing data such as forms, web pages, etc. as a data basis.

No-Code Platform

With the no-code platform, you can easily perform customizations.

Digital Assistant

The automatically created assistant can be easily integrated into your channels.

Your assistants always under control with Convaise Studio

Convaise Studio is the central platform to manage your intelligent assistants. Store knowledge, have processes modeled, collect user feedback and much more in one place.

Make your communication channels simple and digital with Convaise

Organizations use Convaise for their services and internal processes to digitize, simplify and automate them.

Local city governments are able to transform their processes to self-service by replacing forms with assistants that guide users through bureaucratic processes and provide information for further processing.

A large part of the communication processes between insurance companies and their customers, such as claims and closings, is based on forms and documents. Here, Convaise provides an improved customer experience and more efficiency by replacing forms with AI assistants.

Recruiting processes are form- and document-based, leading to a number of redundant communication processes and errors that result in high remediation costs and inconvenient onboarding. We replace paperwork with seamless interactions via digital assistants, eliminating redundant HR back-office tasks.

Any high-volume external or internal communications process that has the following characteristics can benefit from a transformation with Studio:

  • high complexity - unintuitive
  • different target audiences (languages, socioeconomic)
  • high number of manual steps and associated costs
  • .
  • unsatisfactory data quality
  • high cost of errors

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Depending on the process and integrations, the creation of a new wizard takes between one day and one week. Through AI-based automation, we support you in the creation process, so you can easily create and manage new assistants.

No programming knowledge is required to create and manage assistants in Convaise Studio. For the use of Studio we follow a clear 'no-code' approach.

Yes. Via Convaise Studio, the assistants can be integrated into existing systems via API calls or email connections, for example, so that you can process the information collected in the conversation in your own systems.

Convaise Assistants can be integrated into websites and apps via iFrame or Javascript snippets. Furthermore, they can also be registered and integrated on platforms like Facebook or Telegram.

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Data protection and data security



The processing of personal data is GDPR compliant. This is determined by data processing orders and a clear user rights concept.


On-Premise Hosting

In addition to the Convaise Cloud, we also offer you the option to run our solution on your own servers or in a hybrid mode.


European Server

The Convaise cloud is operated on servers of our partners Deutsche Telekom and Microsoft in German and European data centers.


Certified infrastructure

The storage and processing of data in the Convaise cloud (Telekom and Microsoft) is based on ISO 27001 and C5 certified infrastructure by the German Federal Office for Information Security.


Data security

All data is encrypted in transport with SSL/TLS and for storage with AES-256

We perform regular security updates, so our software is always up to date.



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